no sound from surround speakers one sl.

  • 3 October 2020
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I have been Running a beam on my tv via HDMI ARC for about a year now with no problems. Today i bought 2 one sl's tot complement the beam. First i had problems tot connect them as stereo Pairs tot the beam. This was because i wired the beam with An ethernet cable to the router and my one sl's we're connected by wifi. I connected everything tot the wifi and the setup completed. But there is no sound comming from the speakers. I also set my wifi  to 2.4ghz


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2 replies

The best setup is to have the One SLs communicate wirelessly to the Beam, since that’s where they’re getting their data from. I’d suggest unplugging them from their ethernet cables, making sure the WiFi is turned on for the Beam, and see if they start working. 

If they don’t, I’d be tempted to factory reset the Sonos Ones, and then read them both as a stereo room to your system, and then move them to surround speakers. 

Thank you for your verry quick response, i got everything working now. Thanks alot