integrating sonos sub into non sonos surround sound aystem?

  • 29 March 2023
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So I have a sonos beam and am going to buy a sonos sub Gen 3.


but I *also* have an existing, fairly old, denon AVR and 5.1 surround sound system with ceiling speakers (but currently no sub).

Most of the time I just use the beam because the ceiling speakers are right under the kids beds.

but I do sometimes like to use the ceiling speakers instead, for watching movies with proper surround sound.

what I was wondering is if there is any way to use the sub as the bass with the existing system, without the beam? Maybe with a sonos port but not quite sure how?

the beam receives the exact same audio input as the AVR (via HDMI) so the sound data would already be inside the sonos system, if you get me.



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2 replies

No, there is no way to do as you wish.

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thanks for this, I did think this would be the answer. BUT I have one further question.

I send the HDMI signal to my sonos beam and to my AVR using this clever HDMI arc converter and extractor.

So the sonos and the AVR get the same audio signal simultaneously. I presume it is impossible to turn the sound on the beam all the way down (or at least down very low) and turn the bass up independently of the beam?

That would also do the job.