HT setup and multi room music

  • 24 November 2022
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I’d like to buy an ARC with Sub and two one sl as surround speaker . Is it possible , when desired, move the surround speaker to a different room and use them to play music , while still using the soundbar as a tv speaker ? Also in doing this would it be possible to use the two One sl independently in different rooms with different music ? Thx, E


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Yes, you can remove the One SLs as surrounds in the Sonos app and move them to a different room and set them up as a stereo pair. By doing this, you will lose any Trueplay tuning with the Arc and the One SLs will no longer be configured as surrounds for the Arc. The One SLs will now be a separate zone. The Arc and Sub will remain as your TV speakers. Likewise, you can split up the One SLs and place them in different rooms where they can act as two different zones.