How to stop Sonos ARC being default sound

  • 21 November 2021
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Hi, my partner’s just installed Sonos ARC and paired it with an OLED65C14LD.


We would like to keep the autonomy of using the TV sound as and when. This, amongst other things will enable us to use headphones as far as we understand. However every time we go into the TV ‘sound out’ option and click ‘TV Speakers’ the option gets selected and lasts about 2 seconds, then the setting reverts automatically to HDMI (ARC) Device. The same happens when sellecting the ‘Wired Headphones’ option.

We would like this to stop and be able to keep the TV Speakers on or Wired Headphones on for as long as we need them on. 

How do we achieve this?

Many thanks for your support.


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2 replies

Each time you want to ‘switch’, you’ll need to turn off CEC on the TV. The nature of the CEC specifications are that if it is ‘on’ and it detects a speaker attached, it will use that speaker. 

Many devices link CEC and HDMI-ARC, enabling one will also enable the other. You can inhibit CEC transactions by installing this sort of device. I don’t claim that this is a panacea because many of these devices will not pass a full 4K video feed. I haven’t tested this device, but it’s spec’s seem better than average for this sort of device. Installing such a device will block all CEC services on this HDMI connection, not just auto input selections or audio Volume control. If you install this device, you’ll need to enable IR control of ARC’s Volume from the TV and/or cable box remote.