Grouping a HT room and another room and adjusting the HT room’s volume to zero..

  • 18 March 2023
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HT/living room: beam + sub mini + one x 2

Kitchen: one x 2

Group both rooms so both will hear the TV but my understanding is that there will be a delay in the kitchen.   My living room and kitchen are quite close to each other so I’m sure I will be hearing the echoing.  Question is can I turn the living room’s volume to zero to avoid the echoing while I am in the kitchen?  I can see the tv from the kitchen but am far away that I won’t notice any video/audio syncing issues..





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2 replies

Thanks much!   I wanted this confirmed before I place the order.

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Yes, when grouped, the volume can be adjusted for each room independently. So you can group both rooms together and set the volume to zero in the living room to only hear the TV audio from the kitchen speakers.