Front Stereo pair echo?

Hi All,

Since my last post I have added 2x Five’s.


So, I have a Beam & Sub.

2x Five’s at rear as surround (although in settings I have no way to control the “Surround audio” - I cant set the distance between myself and the fives.. I could when I had 2x One’s as rear surrounds)

as the front stereo pair I have the 2x One’s.

The problem is, when I want to watch TV I have to turn off the 2x One’s as they create an echo (These One’s were forced into a different room - TV Room 2.

Music is fine with everything on.

I would have thought this set up would be the perfect 5.1 ??

I am probably doing something stupid as I’m tired :(


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I’d swap the Fives and Ones too.

Fives for music. Beam, Ones and Sub for TV.

Depending on what you prefer you might move the Sub to the Fives instead of the TV.

For a party where the stereo image isn’t important you could group both for music.

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The Beam contains the Front Left, Centre and Front Right speakers. You can’t have additional “front” speakers. 

There is a 70msec delay on sound to other speakers from the Beam when playing the TV signal -what you’ve set up as TV Room 2. But you don’t need them for your 5.1 setup: Beam is 3 channels, Fives are another 2, so that’s your 5. Sub is the .1 making 5.1 in total. 

If you’ve run Trueplay it sets “speaker distance” for rear surrounds automatically. 

If it were me I’d put the Ones back to surround duty and put the Fives somewhere for music.