Dolby Atmos - multiple products all connect?

  • 22 October 2022
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New to some of the newer Sonos products, and couldn’t find the answer anywhere. 

I have an Arc, Sub (gen3), and Amp running two third party ceiling speakers. 

My question is can I add two Ones as rear speakers and connect them all to the same TV arc source and it works with Dolby Atmos?  Arc, Sub, ceiling speakers, and rear Ones? 



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3 replies

No. As I suggested, a single Amp can be bonded to a home theater setup. 

A second Amp could certainly be grouped for music playback. 

No. If the Ones are ‘bonded’ or the Amp driving the other speakers is ‘bonded, you won’t be able to put the other set in the same room. 

If you set up the other set as a separate ‘room’ in the Sonos system, and ‘group’ the two rooms, any TV playback will be slightly delayed in the second room. However, when streaming music, and not the TV set, they’d all be in sync.

Awesome, thank you!

 So next question, could you bond a second amp in that setup for third party rear speakers with the above setup? Or is it just out of the question to get more than the arch/sub/ceiling speakers on a single amp to work together. 

Only able to bond a certain amount to a setup?