Different sound levels based on the streaming app

  • 24 December 2022
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I recently found a Beam 2, the since it's perfect for my apartment. But the volume level seem to differ greatly between different apps in my TV. I have an LG C2 and the volume is fine when I use the TV speakers and Bose speakers I previously used as well. I'm using the in built apps in the TV.

For Netflix I need around 50, hbo Max around 30, whereas YouTube needs only 15. It makes it almost impossible to use the speaker as the volume becomes too loud when I switch apps, that neighbors start complaining. Is there any setting I can use to fix this? I really like the speaker but I can't use it if there is no fix for this.


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I think the issue lies at source. AIUI there’s no “standard” level for audio so some signals come through louder than others. 

I already do have those TV settings. Night mode does help but as you mentioned it kinda defeats the purpose of having a speaker. Is there no other option to fix it without compromising on the audio quality? Is this only an issue with certain model TVs or an issue with Sonos in general?

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Set the TV to these settings:

HDMI Input Audio Format: Bitstream

Digital Sound Output: Pass Through

eARC Support: On

The best option to level out the volume is enabling the Night Sound (moon icon) feature in the Sonos app. But this feature will lower the dynamic range of the audio, so be sure to disable it when you want the best quality audio.