Can I use a connect with S2 speakers?

  • 14 December 2021
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Hello! I bought a Sonos connect for Christmas for my husband in hopes that he could then play his vinyl collection through our Sonos system. We have a One SL, One, Beam and a roam that we use through the Sonos 2 App. 

is it possible to connect the Sonos Connect to the receiver so that vinyl can be played through our Sonos speakers? If so, how? Do I have to use S1 to make this happen? Can my other speakers be used through S1? 

thank you so much! 


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4 replies

Looks like is it from 2014….so there is no hope of it working with my existing Sonos products?

Sorry, but it simply cannot. A gen 1 Connect can’t run S2.

Looks like is it from 2014….so there is no hope of it working with my existing Sonos products?

In front of the serial number on the Connect is a four digit code in the form YYMM (e.g. 1603 = March 2016).  It will be gen 2 if this date is Feb 2015 or later (or possibly March 2015 or later, nobody seems totally confident of the exact date). 

If it’s a gen 1 you would be best advised to put it back on eBay and try and track down a gen 2.  Most adverts for Connects for sale indicate whether gen 1 or gen 2, because of the crucial difference it makes.  Was that not stated when you bought it?

The Sonos Roam and Sonos One SL (setup on an S2 system) cannot be used within an S1 Sonos system as they are not compatible with S1.

A Sonos Beam (gen1) is both S1/S2 compatible, but the Beam (gen2) can only be used with S2.

A Sonos Connect (gen1) is S1 compatible only and a Connect (gen2) is both S1/S2 compatible.. you can read more about these things here in this link:

If the Connect is no older than March/April 2015 you might (hopefully) find it will run on S2, alongside your existing Sonos products.🤞