Beam sounds bad

  • 17 April 2021
  • 1 reply

Just connected my new beam to my tv and feel I have been conned. The sound quality is very poor. I have a soundbar and a couple of play ones and they are brilliant.

The beam seems to distort at very low volume and I am very disappointed, to the extent that I want to return it.

Is this a common complaint?

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1 reply

Not at all. It sounds as if there’s an issue that needs to be addressed, but from the limited information you’ve provided, it’s hard to hazard a guess as to where the issue lies. 

How is your Beam connected to your TV?

What controller are you using to control the Beam?

Are you running S1 or S2?

What do you mean by a ‘soundbar’, the Beam is a soundbar?

What source are you watching when you get this distortion?

What kind of TV is it?

How was this other ‘soundbar connected?

Have you checked in the Sonos app to see what kind of signal is being sent to the Beam?

Have you taken the time to submit a system diagnostic and contact Sonos support about it?