Beam not working “device interfering with beam”

  • 31 December 2020
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Out of the blue my Sonos beam has just stopped working! 

I wouldn’t say my 3 Sonos devices have been working fine since I bought them a year ago. If it was not the very difficult and frustrating initial setup and connection or every so often just disappearing from options on Spotify to play my music from. Which I then have to hard reboot everything which is just not what I expect from very expensive devices. 

now my Beam has just stopped working with my TV. I have changed nothing but it is telling me that it can’t connect to my Arc. I can’t understand this as there are no new devices, nothing has changed other than maybe my latest Sonos software update. 

whatever it is, I now can’t use my beam and this is extremely frustrating and disappointing. If it was not for the cost I’d throw them all in the bin and start again. The dream is great having all your speakers synced and playing music throughout my house. Unfortunately the reality is just pretty terrible and unreliable. 

diagnostic report - 63130321


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3 replies

The Sonos technology works just fine for most users. Unfortunately the reality is that you have some pretty severe local network issues. 

Hopefully Sonos Support will find some clues in your diagnostic. 

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The problem you have now does not seem to be network-related though. Have you tried what happens if you disconnect other devices from your TV (since the  error message mentions this)? Disconnect them one by one to see which device is casuing your problem.

Ah, ‘Arc’ referred to HDMI-ARC not to Sonos Arc. I agree with @106rallye  that this should work even if the network is troubled. That said, other references (setup, connection, Spotify problems, etc) suggest network gremlins.