Beam Installation

  • 4 December 2020
  • 2 replies

If I plug my Beam into the HDMI ARC output on the TV, my cable box would have to go into the other HDMI port, which won't be possible, as I would then have to choose one port or the other as a "source." I assume this means I can only use the optical adapter to connect the Beam?

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2 replies

I have two HDMI ports, of which one is ARC. If I had a cable box in  HDMI 1, which is the ARC, and a (example) Fire Stick in 2, I would have to choose HDMI 2 as a source to use the Fire Stick. So if the Beam is in 1 (ARC), and my cable box in 2, then wouldn’t choosing port 2 shut off the ARC port?


No. Just go ahead and do it. The source is still the cable box. You will probably have to go into the TV audio settings to tell it to use an external speaker over HDMI-ARC.