Beam (gen2) and The Frame

  • 26 March 2023
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I have not a concrete issue, but just a feeling that something didnt go well during inital setup of my first Sonos product. So im happy if someone can just confirm the info below:

Hi, I just got the Beam (gen2) for my Samsung The Frame (2021), and Im using eARC. I don’t know if I have set the Beam up correctly or not (the manuals online are a little unspecific imo). So I just want to know if everything is correct:

1: When doing the Universal remote setup, the TV didnt recognize the Beam, so I had to type it in. The “power-test” did not work, but the manual online said to just hit yes. So I did. I guess thats correct, because its “always on”?
2: The Beam is working; its receiving sound and I can control the volume with my remote. BUT the text to the left on the TV screen does not say Sonos or Beam, but “Receiver HDMI-eARC”, and there is no number to indicate what level the volume is at. Is that the way its meant to be?

I have a feeling that somethings off. But could find anything by searching for these things.


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Something is “Off”. Unfortunately it is the industry standards that are “Off”. BEAM and ARC do send Volume info back to the TV, but the TV is not displaying it. This use, or not, can vary from model to model of the same manufacturer’s TVs. I’ve seen TV firmware updates that make or break this feature.

It is possible that there was a miscommunication during product setup. Try setting up again. Power down the TV and BEAM and disconnect the HDMI cable. Wait at least two minutes for the TV to reboot, power both units, then connect the HDMI cable. The units will renegotiate their setup and may get it right this time. Don’t count on the TV to ever mention the ‘S’ word. Frankly, I’m surprised at the mention of ”Receiver HDMI-eARC”. I expected only “+” or “-”. No indication whatsoever is also common.

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@dantveita If the Beam is playing audio and you can control the volume with your TV remote, I think everything is working as it should. Just be sure to set the TV to these settings:

HDMI-eARC Mode: Auto (Off if only using the TV’s native apps)

Digital Output Audio Format: Pass-Through