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  • 29 October 2022
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Hi All


Wired, in my lounge I have a arc, paired with a couple of 5’s and a sub, at the other end of the house (about 17m/55ft) - with three 1’s along the path.


Audio in the lounge is faultless, however every other room is troublesome, with random audio drops - often playing for hours, then dropping for a few seconds, then working again for a long period of time, or sometimes just continuing to be annoying until you give up :-)


our wifi network is using channel 1 and 6, and Sonos is configured for 11.


any other ideas?




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1 reply

So, given the data, my suspicion is a set of duplicate IP address issues. That, or simple wifi interference, potentially from outside your home.

First, I’d unplug all the Sonos devices from power. Then reboot your router. Give the router a couple of minutes to come back up, then plug the Sonos devices back in, starting with whichever one you have wired to your router with an ethernet cable. 

If that doesn’t fix the issue, then you may have outside interference, so I’d recommend reading that linked FAQ, and probably  submitting a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this problem, and calling Sonos Support to discuss it. There would likely be more concrete information in that diagnostic that might pin down what you’re experiencing.