Where Can I Stream a 5.1 Audio Test

  • 2 May 2019
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Anyone know where I can go online to stream a 5.1 Audio test? I have found videos on YouTube but in-spite of them claiming to be multi-channel Youtube seems to spit them out in stereo. Well at least on my system.

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5 replies

Netflix has audio/video calibration videos. Search for "Test Patterns".
I've used the youtube videos before and they do work. If they are coming through in stereo, then either your streaming device, TV, or whatever is in the audio path isn't capable of passing on the different signal.
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You can find Dolby test videos here: https://thedigitaltheater.com/dolby-trailers/
Put them on an USB stick or USB HDD and play it via your TV player.
For testing Sonos make sure to get Dolby AC3 5.1 640 kbps as that's the only supported surround format.
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A very good test (online with airplay, or otherwise just download): https://www2.iis.fraunhofer.de/AAC/multichannel.html
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Thanks for all the help.
I guess I searched the wrong thing on Netflix, now I know.
As for you tube, you're probably right. I've seen many post where people claim YouTube only does stereo and others are fine. I have a Sony Bravia TV so guess it doesn't support it or I need to check my settings.
I didn't even think about loading anything on a usb stick, good idea.
I'll check all these out.