TV with no Optical Out with a Playbar. Options?

  • 31 March 2017
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Hi, all -
Just purchased a Playbar and stupidly assumed that my modern TV had an optical out. Would the following be an adequate workaround with 5.1?

If it matters, TV is a Vizeo VIZP702VI-B3
Also have an Onkyo Receiver with an unused Optial out (TX-NR737)

I did try Google and these forums, and wasn't able to find a response. Appreciate it!

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3 replies

Opsman - If you're ever in Seattle, I owe you a beer. An Optical Out wasn't listed in whatever Google search I performed, but the TV does indeed have one. I'm now left with the arduous task of pulling all of my cable box, DVD, and other connections from my legacy receiver directly into the TV to support the Playbar. Should be almost as fun as explaining to the wife why I purchased $1,500 of AV equipment, then replaced with Sonos 2 years later. Shh!
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Hi Charman, just had a look on the Vizio site and if it is the P702ui-B3 it has indeed got an Optical out, see pic attached:-
Hi. Are you sure it has no optical out? You might be able to use HDMI and then this converter if TV has ARC (audio return channel) on one of the HDMI connections, although I wouldn't want to promise. Surely the TV has some form of digital out? If it has digital coaxial then a coaxial to optical converter would seem a better bet.

I Googled TV model number but got nothing.