Trueplay / Reverb and RT60 - feature request

  • 10 October 2023
  • 1 reply

Since Trueplay does its best to measure the acoustic space I was wondering if it could report on a best effort reverb / RT60 measurement to help with understanding echo and reverb in a room. 

it would have to expose some sort of report after tuning a room - something like the room could benefit from a bass trap or reverb is highest in these frequencies and maxes between 1 and 2 seconds or all frequencies tested except X are below 50 ms etc



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1 reply

Seems unlikely that Sonos would want to expose any of that data, given both the fact that they handle it all internally, and seem to be fond of making the system ‘easy to use’ for the vast majority of their customers. They certainly run much closer to ‘ease of use’ than ‘high end compatibility’ across the board.