Sonos Sub Placement

  • 12 February 2017
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Hi All
This should be very quick to sort out.
I'm looking at getting a Sub to go with my play bar. (FYI We already have a Boost in the house just in case this affects anything).

As the Sub is wireless and we do not have space for it by the TV and the Playbar I was thinking about putting it by the sofa where we sit to watch TV. Two benefits to doing this are space and hopefully it would lessen the subfrequencies traveling through to our neighbors.

Are there any reasons to not do this?

Many thanks in advance ?

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4 replies

Although the lowest notes are not directional, the transients tend to allow the ear to localise the SUB. In my experience putting it behind the sofa sounded a little strange.

SUB can be stood up, in either orientation (one of mine is end-on to the room next to the TV, lessening its visual impact), or even laid down. As long as the port on at least one side is open to the room it'll work.
I assume if I lower the volume of it it can sit next me and work in the same way as if it was next to the TV.
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Hi Martyn_7,

There is no reason not to try it... there is no technical issue with what you want to do. You should make sure that the SUB isn't covered with a barrier, but where it sits is up to your preferences...

As ratty has said, low frequency noises are really not directional (You head can't tell the direction they are coming from because of the low frequency) but with some of the sound and intensity of the audio that can come out of the SUB, you may end up finding it feels like the action of the screen is happening behind you...

opinions aside... try it.. if you don't like it, try a new location and see what happens... it is a device where location matter less than any other.

If you are wondering about whether to get one or not... well... I'm a huge fan of the SUB and it totally transformed the audio for the two PlayBars I have them bonded to.... for both Television audio and music... but I get that it isn't the least expensive device...
The thing about low frequency sound energy is how it travels through stuff and doesn't dissipate in a hurry; lower output levels may keep the neighbours happy, but I suspect that it will not deliver you the same experience compared to placing it further from you and the dialling up the level to the extent needed to obtain the effects. And for movies, the effects can be loud/palpable, so if neighbours are a problem, the best you can do is get it on a trial basis and see how things fare with them and for you.