Sonos Sound Strange: Infuse Pro 7 + Apple TV 4K

  • 7 February 2022
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Hi friends,


I can’t get the Dolby Atmos effect but not sure it is a hardware problem caused by Sonos or Apple TV 4K, or the software problem cased by the Infuse Pro 7 app on tvOS.


So, just share my situations here to see if anyone else facing the same problems with me.



All the latest models of Sonos & Apple with the latest firmware.

Sonos ARC * 1

Play 5 *2

Apple TV 4K - 2021 version

Player: Infuse Pro 7

Film source: Blu-ray Images on NAS (Synology DS920+)



  1. Sound strange if Apple TV 4K Sound Effect is setup to Dolby Atmos and use Infuse Pro 7 to play the Blu-ray image on the NAS. (Or other video file with audio like AC3 and etc.)
  2. Problems: The DIALOGUE can NOT be heard; Sound is strange and the volume is low.
  3. The problems occurs in the Apple TV 4K audio is connected through HDMI eARC. (NO problem through AirPlay. And we know that Dolby Atmos can not play through AirPlay)
  4. If we turn off the Dolby Atmos in Apple TV 4K, the audio format change to Dolby Digital 5.1, everything is OK. However, we sacrificed the effect and we can only see DD5.1 on Sonos App. 
  5. If Infuse is NOT used, play the movie directly from the Apple TV + with Dolby Atmos, everything seems OK too. We can see the Dolby Atmos logo on Sonos app.

Therefor, I can’t get the Dolby Atmos effect from my Sonos system when I use Infuse Pro app to play the Blu-ray disc images on NAS.

Not sure if there is a method to fix it.





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1 reply

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Is your source encoded in Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Atmos? The Apple TV 4K doesn’t support Dolby TrueHD audio. You will need to use a different media device that supports TrueHD audio like an Nvidia Shield.