Sonos Playbar intermittently cuts out

  • 4 December 2023
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My Playbar randomly cuts out. Internet signal is strong, but it happens with both Google Mesh and Eero mesh. I moved it from my upstairs to my basement and it seemed to work fine. Moved it back upstairs and it worked fine for a bit and then started cutting out again. Note that all areas of my house are on the same channel, so it’s not like moving from upstairs to downstairs should’ve changed anything.

Neither the google mesh or Eero can change channels. The Eero automatically chooses the least cluttered channels, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

I have four Sonos speakers on my upstairs floor - 3 play:1s and 1 Playbar. The former work fine and never skip. The latter will skip even though it’s only about 8 feet from the surrounds that do not.


I could try to create a Sonosnet but CS told me that wouldn’t help because I’d need at least three wired devices. The only Sonos I can reasonably wire is one on my main floor since that is where the internet comes in. The eero hubs don’t have Ethernet inputs, so can’t do it that way like I potentially could’ve done with my google mesh.

Anyway, it’s all a cluster and Customer Service was completely useless despite getting my diagnostic report.

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3 replies

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After you create a diagnostic you need to call Sonos tech support. They are the only one that can review the diagnostic and advise you.

I don’t know why CS told you need three (3) devices to create the SonosNet. All you need is one device with a Ethernet port wired to the main hub of your mesh. However the Sonos product cannot be a surround speaker or sub.

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You could try SonosNet with just one wired Sonos, maybe more would be better but one is worth trying.

The difficulty is that you need to keep your other WiFi gear from jumping on the SonosNet channel and it sounds like your gear won’t support that.