Sonos Home Theater - Best Setup (Solution)

  • 23 April 2017
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Hello guys & gals,

After using Sonos for a couple of years now - and being very happy with it, I've recently decided to go for a full 'Sonos home theater setup' that consists of 2x PLAY: 1 and 1x Sonos: PLAYBAR.

The installation proces went great, as expected, but I soon found out that my television (unfortunately) doesn't provide HDMI Pass-Through of any 'high end audio signal' - like Dolby Digital 5.1. So, I was stuck on 'stereo' and simulated surround, which sounds good, but isn't the reason why I bought this setup. (Only when I use the Netflix SmartTV application do I get DD 5.1).

So, I am now looking for the best solution in my situation, and that situation is as followed.
- Television: Samsung UE46F6500;
- Blu-Ray Player: Samsung HT-F5200;
- Decoder: Samsung SMT-C7140;
- Chromecast 2.0;
- Steam Link.

The Blu-Ray player is connected to the TV via HDMI-ARC, and the other devices (decoder, Chromecast, Steam Link) via 'regular' HDMI. The TV is connected to the PLAYBAR via - how else - the optical cable.

Now, I've read on this forum that I could go for a HDMI-switch that would allow for the devices to be connected to the TV, but for the audio signals to be send to the PLAYBAR directly. But I have an 'image profile' for each of the HDMI-sources, so I don't know how that would work. For example: Steam Link uses 'game mode', Blu-Ray source uses BD-link etc. And all use HDMI-CEC, something that I've become used to. And I can't seem to find the Octava HD-41
Monoprice ARC version 7974 in any (web)store here in The Netherlands.

So, is the HDMI-switch the way to go? Because I was also thinking about another solution: the Xbox One (Scorpio). It's an 'all in one' media player. This way I can connect the PLAYBAR directly to the Xbox One, and my decoder can be connected to the Xbox as well. It's a high-end Blu-Ray player, and it supports Netflix etc. So, multiple birds with one stone. Right?

I don't mind if can't use the Chromecast 2.0 in the living room anymore. It will then be upgraded to one of the bedrooms or something.

What would you guys do? :D

Thanks in advance for all the help!

PS I can provide more information if it's all a bit unclear. 🙂

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2 replies

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One potential option is an optical switch instead of an HDMI switch. Assuming your devices have optical outputs (Steam Link and Chromecast may not...), you'd avoid routing all HDMI through one place and losing your individual input image settings, etc. If that doesn't work and you're really against the HDMI switch option, some kind of universal player like you mentioned or a TV that passes 5.1 may be the better options. You could also use a combination of HDMI switch and optical switch. May sound complicated, but if you have a good Harmony-type remote or are okay switching inputs on multiple devices, could work.
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I build a special purpose $2000 HTPC that do a lot of things, it a centre of my entertainment, and force it to output DD with fake EDID data and play all my media on it.

It also my VR machine so it costly due to beefy requirement you need to run VR

but you can probably build a $500 machine that can solve most of your media and sound issues and has a lot of freedom to configure and play around with things and run anything you want.