Samsung 8 series 8000 class volume not working

  • 22 December 2016
  • 3 replies

I know this seems to be pretty much covered but i have tried every option presented and not one is working.
I bought the TV yesterday and have exhausted all avenues.
Updated Sonos app looked everywhere online and only the "standard" remote does volume but this also does the tv at the same time it's starting to drive me mad:@

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Ta!

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3 replies

Glad it's working, but I can't take credit for setting out the instructions, I just copied them.
Thanks for that John,
Just to let you know that worked first time and there was not one sweary word involved.
Thanks for taking the time to explain it perfectly.
Cheer that's my Christmas present good now
These instructions appeared in another thread (which I cannot link to for reasons I won't bore you with).

Ok. I have the same TV in 60 inch and I figure it out!!! I have my playbar connected to the TV with optical cable and when I am watching TV (either thru blu ray player or apps on TV), I can control playbar volume thru the TV remote. Here is what you need to do:
1. Connect the playbar to tv. TV home menu -> Settings -> Audio out. Set it to optical
2. Go to TV home menu -> source -> Universal Remote
3. Add new Device. Pick home theatre. Type Sonos and then it asks for model number. Enter PLAYBAR. Now it will ask you to do power test. Since Sonos doesn't have power off - just say "yes" it worked.
4. This is where we all get stuck 🙂 The remote should start sending IR commands, but it doesn't. So you can't teach playbar IR commands yet.
5. Now you go back to Univeral Remote menu (step 2). Click on the Sonos device that you added in Step 3. To me it showed few options - one was Samsung blu ray player (which is connected to my TV) but I think there was another "Cable something" even though I have nothing else connected to the TV. I selected the "Bluray option". I think you can select any other option. Then the TV asks you which HDMI input is this source and you pick the right input (actually I don't know if you need to pick the right input, any input might do). Then finish this setup by following any prompts.
6. Now if you go back to Universal Remote menu (step 2), you will a combined device (Samsung-Sonos). Mine is called Samsung as I set up the blu ray as Samsung device since it is from Samsung.
7. Now your remote is ready to send IR commands. Open the remote setup menu in Sonos app and teach it. Sonos will immediately say that remote recognized and you are Done!

Note1: Now it doesn't matter if my blu ray player is on or not. I can control the volume for both blu ray video and TV apps video.
Note2: TV has to be on for the remote to send IR commands. If you turn off the TV, remote stops sending IR commands. For me this isn't a huge deal as if I play sonos from my phone, I just use the phone to control the volume, but I hope Samsung fixes this too.

Conclusion: It's all Samsung's fault and I hope they fix this as this must be affecting all sound bars. The good news is that the samsung remote can emit IR commands. This is why Samsung didn't put IR out port in the TV.