Regroup player when Autoplay line-in stops

  • 22 December 2012
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I often feel frustrated that the Autoplay feature breaks my zone-grouping. I think that it would be an improvement if the player would regroup itself to the previous group as a member. Today it works like this: Lets say you have 3 players grouped, and playing. Player1, Player2 and Player3. If you have autoplay enabled on Player3, signal on the line-in would detach the player from the group, and start playing line-in. If the line-in stops, the player would still be on the line-in, but in a STOPPED state. I would rather see it working like this: Player1-3 is in a group. Player3 switches to line-in, and adjust it's volume to the preset. Line-in stops, Player3 should regroup with the other zones, and restore it to the volume previously set. If the group-zone is playing, so should the Player3. If not, it will be silent, but it will be grouped as it was before the line-in kicked in. I had a discussion about this in the forum a few months ago, and I do see the possible conflict if the behavior would change drastically, but I think this last suggestion is a win-win. Regarding the volume, I also suffered from the player having extremely high volume when regrouping it after autoplay kicked in. This is also not what one would expect IMO, and tends to scare the shit out of people 🙂 This suggestion would probably mitigate that.

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8 replies

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Jishi... this is exactly what I so much want. Constantly grouping my players is annoying. And the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) is much reduced - she just wants it to work, when she fires up the music. The same thing goes for alarms. One of my players is used as an alarm. It ungroups of course when the alarm is set. But why doesn't it go back to the previous group when the alarm expires? Beats me.
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A similar topic exists for the PLAYBAR.
I also can't understand, why the Playbar can't join the original Group, after watching tv.

Really unconfortable!
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I also asked for the "revert to pre AutoPlay feature independently of this thread. Sonos pointed me here, so I hope they are considering adding the feature to the next Bridge firmware update.
I had a related frustration, which is that my Playbar would automatically ungroup and kick over to the TV whenever my XboxOne changed applications -- so I had to keep opening the app and regrouping, and re-adjusting the volume. I simply turned off the TV Autodetect for the Playbar -- though it's a bit of a brute-force solution, it served my needs.

TV autoplay

When TV Autoplay is set to On, TV audio automatically plays through the PLAYBAR when you turn on your television—if music is playing when the TV is turned on, the music immediately stops and the PLAYBAR switches to TV audio. Additionally, if the PLAYBAR is in a room group when the TV is turned on, it automatically drops from the group. This setting is On by default.

From the Sonos desktop Mac App

Select Manage -> Preferences ... or press ⌘,
Select Room Settings
Choose the room the PLAYBAR is located in from the Room Settings for drop-down.
Select the TV Setup tab.
Uncheck the TV Autoplay box
This is very frustrating that it has not yet been added. When autoplay kicks in (whether line in or tv on soundbar) it should be able to separate from the group and change to its previous "line in" sound level. When the input ends (probably easier to detect from the TV) it should revert to "group" sound level and rejoin the previous group.
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Strange this feature has not been addressed/fully developed yet.
The Line-in Autoplay feature says "Hey, send me some sounds and I'll play it on your speakers!"
And right now it does this well.
But it should actually say "Hey, send me some sounds and I'll pause what I was doing and play your sounds! and when you're done I'll go back to what I was doing!"
If Sonos could make that happen, I'd sure be happy. I assume they could also add a selection in the Settings to address the dropping in/our of a group issue as well.

In my current setup I have a CONNECT:AMP playing a pair of speakers in a bedroom and the audio output of the TV in the bedroom is connected to the line-in. If I'm listening to music in the queue and switch the TV on, the autoplay senses the signal and switches over just fine. That part works well. BUT, when I'm done with the TV and turn it off the power the poor SONOS just goes quiet. It sits there still awaiting more signal from the Line-in. I have to grab a controller and go back to the queue and start it playing again.
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Yes !!! This feature is a MUST. It's really annoying to have to re-group all the speaker together after watching TV.