Rear placement of 2 Era 300's for tv surround - with lots of space

  • 2 November 2023
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I just built a new house and my room is 15 feet across and 30 feet in length, with a 9 foot ceiling. What is the ideal distance to place a pair of Era 300's behind a couch for the ultimate surround sound experience. I will have a 77 inch flat screen mounted to the wall on one end of the room with an Arc soundar under the screen. My couch will be placed 10 feet in front of the TV wall, and I will have a Third Gen sub woofer in the front right corner of the room? I have 20 feet to work with behind me, and I’m wondering what the ideal distance would be for placing the two Era 300’s?

I have come across a lot of posts from people who have the back of their couches pressed against a wall, but I haven’t come across anything addressing the kind of space I am working with for rear speakers, and more specifically, a pair of Era 300’s as rear speakers. I would love some advice, as I have a lot of flexibility. I will be using Sonos speaker stands, unless someone convinces me to go with wall mounts, dependent on the distance maybe?

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3 replies

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I’d think you’d not get great sound or Atmos with them more than a few feet behind your sitting position.

The corner may not be ideal for the Sub, that may give you more sound in some locations and dead spots elsewhere. Consider other locations and try them out to see where it sounds best.

I thought there was something on speaker placement in the FAQ but I’m not finding it.

^ Thanks Stanley, I appreciate the feedback. I’m totally new to all of this, so I’m looking forward to experimenting with the setup until I get it right…. but also just looking forward to experiencing how awesome all of this new technology is going to sound for an out of touch, backwoods booney boy, who has been holed up deep in the mountains for the last 20 years, watching movies on a 2010 Panasonic (not so) flat screen for the past 13 years, with no surround sound whatsoever.

We will be moving into the new house we built over the next few weeks, and the system has been paid for, and will be delivered late this coming week, and set up in the week to follow. I’m new to this forum and trying to feel it out, but I will be back to absorb more knowledge from those who know better during the months, and probably years to come. 

I’ll post some pics when I have them.

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Sonos Rule One… Make the spouse happy or you may not get to buy more Sonos.

You’ll love your new toys and if the aren’t working perfect here is a grat place to start getting advice before resorting to calling Sonos Support.