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  • 4 October 2022
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Is there a way to attach the Ray Speaker to a wall mounted TV?

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7 replies

The Ray connects to any TV with an optical cable. 

Does your TV not have an optical port? 

Generally speaking, you’d need to take the TV off the wall mount in order to connect that optical cable, then re-hang it, but that should not be a huge issue.  Most optical ports aren’t easily accessible without doing that….although it “could” be done. The optical cable (TOSLink) has an odd connector type, which has to be in the correct alignment, and since many of the cables have the connector made out of plastic, it’s easy to force it in improperly. 

See link:


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I believe what you’re looking for is something like the Sanus TV soundbar mount for Sonos Ray.

Ah, you went with the other definition of “attach”. Completely missed that.

I know there used to be special mounts that you could connect to your TV that would attach a Sonos PLAYBAR. but I don’t remember who I bought it from. If you’re looking for speaker mounts, a simple Google search might benefit you. I’ve been fond of Flexson for years, but Sanus makes good stuff too, as do others. I’ve not seen a particular mount for a Ray, but then again, I’ve not looked for one. 

One second of google search: Here’s a mount



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lol that’s the one I came up with, too. I just wasn’t sure about posting a direct link.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it were deleted, but I think I have enough posts to ensure that they don’t suspect me of trying to take advantage. And I’m pretty careful about not posting those links that generate money for me personally, just exactly what comes up in a Google search. Don’t want to make a profit off of my sharing of data :)

But you’re right, I probably shouldn’t have posted a link to Amazon, let me see if I can adjust it to the Sanus website.