Projector + Play 5 + Connect configurations

  • 11 February 2017
  • 2 replies

Trying to setup my home theater but running into many complications.

Currently setup: appleTV connected to my projector via HDMI cable. Audio output is then wired through a connect box. I have a play5 that is then setup in the room.

The issues is that I have a bunch of wifi interference and changing the channel settings does nothing. I've tried compressed (major sound delay) and uncompressed (audio skips constantly). Ive purchased a boost and it had no impact.

I've also tried connecting the play5 directly to the projector and it also has a very long delay.

Before I give up anything else I can try?

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2 replies

To be honest, sell the Connect and Play:5 and buy a Playbar would be my advice. You may also need an HDMI switch if it is a 4th gen Apple TV. This is really not what the Connect and Play:5 were designed for.
Darn, that's unfortunate! Anyone want to buy a Play:5, Connect and Boost? Or have any other ideas?