Playing uniform sound through HDMI to Beam+Amp Group

  • 4 February 2024
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I have a group setup in my living room, consisting of the Beam and the Amp (which connects to a pair of rear in-wall speakers). I am playing sound my mac mini, which is connected to my TV through HDMI, then from there I am connected to the beam (through e-arc) which acts as the center of the group. The mac to TV part might not be relevant here.


My question is whether I can output sound to the existing group I have as stereo instead of surround. I would like both my front and rear speakers to play the SAME sound and not use surround channels. I would also like to achieve this NOT using airplay (as there’s a slight lag), but to access the entire group through HDMI and output stereo sound evenly to the 3 speakers from there.


Thanks for the help!


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4 replies

There is no way to use the Beam as a center channel.  Like all soundbars, the Beam already plays the left center and right channels.

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To be correct in terms as said the Beam os no center, but if I got it right your intention is to get the same sound in the front and rear instead of just rear signals in the rear. 

You can do this by setting up two separate Sonos rooms. The Beam as a single device configuration and also the Amp. You can set up a group of both rooms. The Beam will play what is comming in as an audio signal. Stereo or up to Atmos if available from your sources. Therefor Beam will use its Front and Center drivers also playing rear signals via virtualization. 
The Amp via grouping always will play a stereo downmix. You can control the volume level for each room separately. Be aware that only the Beam can be controlled via TV remote. 
To equalize the echo/delay caused by grouping you can set Beams room option „tv dialogue synchronization“ to about level 3 and it should be ok. 

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Remember that in the last step @Schlumpf mentins you'd lose sync with the TV, but gain sync between the grouped rooms.

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Remember that in the last step @Schlumpf mentins you'd lose sync with the TV, but gain sync between the grouped rooms.

That’s right, but my personal experience is that theres no remarkable delay to video up to level 3 which is enough to equalize the rooms audio delay.