Playbase with Sony KD65ZD9

  • 21 April 2017
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First time poster and a bit of a newb with technology, so forgive me if I can find the answer to my questions elsewhere (I have tried the magic of Google but I have been unsuccessful). If anyone could help me with the following I'd be grateful:

1) About to purchase the Sony KD65ZD9 and want to sit it on the Playbase, however, the Playbase weight limit is 35Kg and the TV weights 35.7Kg - whilst I appreciate this is higher, does anyone know if the 35Kg comes with a tolerance... I can't imagine that it will suddenly crack if the weight is slightly over 35Kg, but I'm worried about failure over time?

2) How can I check if the KD65ZD9 will connect to the Playbase - I would have thought there might be search bar on the Sonos website where you enter the model number and it tells you, but alas, I cannot find such a search bar?

3) Can I purchase a Playbase and 2x Play 1's and have 5.1 Surround Sound, or do I have to purchase the Sub? I appreciate that everyone raves about the sub, but I'm not too bothered about having more base, however, I'd like to hear sounds whizzing about behind me?

Any help you fine people can provide will be gratefully received.



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9 replies

Hi, just purchased the TV in question... wondering if anyone can answer my questions above...? Would love to get a Playbase but not sure if I can.

Thanks in advance,

OK, barring any replies from Sonos, here's my best guesses:

1) No idea. Never opened one up to look at the construction, so I would have no idea about tolerances.

2) Check to see if the TV will pass through Dolby Digital from the HDMI inputs to the optical output. If it does, you're good to go.

3) Technically, if you purchase the Playbase and 2 Play:1s, you'd have a 5.0 system. While there's a bigger bass speaker in the Playbase, my understanding is that it's not handled separately like a true SUB would be. But I don't own one, so I'm merely guessing at that.
Thanks for the answers buddy, hopefully a Sonos rep will answer question 1 for me. I'd like to think question 2 is a given, as I would assume Sonos connects to all/most modern TVs.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond.
I have a PlayBase; while it is sturdy, I would be cautious about stressing it. I currently have a 35 lb tv on mine with no problem . I think you would be fine if you can distribute the weight over a broad area (probably depends on TV base). You may also consider using the Sanus TV base offered on the Sonos site; its made to mount the TV and rest the PlayBase on top of the Sanus base itself. as yet another alternative, I have used a Flexson stand for PlayBar for years. Its heavy and not nearly as elegant, but serves the same purpose (and will easily handle the weight).
And I'd be hard pressed to expect that a Sonos rep will ever suggest anything outside of the published specs. Doing so would open them up to legal action at some later date, if it were to fail.

I'd certainly lean towards the solution tcasdorph recommends, after checking the specs for both of those (I've not looked).
took a quick look at Sanus specs; your tv exceeds the stand's weight limitation by 10 lbs. there may be another 3rd party product available. you might be better with a playbar setup. their height tends to block most tv on/off sensos, so check that out
Thanks guys for the responses, It's a real shame as I'd love a. Playbase but it's probably not worth the risk.
don't give up, keep looking. something like this:

even a separate tv console might provide sufficient area (or shelf) with the tv on an integrated mount (not resting on the playbase)
Thanks buddy, I'll have a look.