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  • 29 November 2016
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I have recently added a Playbar to my Sonos Line-up and wanted to add me excisting play 1s for surround.

Im going to use it with the following devices: Apple TV (latest gen) Playstation 4 and my tv-decoder.

My tv is a Samsung UE46ES6805 which im guessing is a Norwegian specific model with another name in other countries? Which makes it a bit confusing when looking for manuals. As far as i know this model came out in 2011/2012 and does not support optical passtrough of 5.1 (?) as its currently only showing stereo and the settings in the audio settings.

Can I somehow passtrough the sound via any of the other devices with an hdmi? I also have Panasonic blu-ray player (BDT319). From TV to blu-ray and from blu-ray to Playbar via Opitcal, or would that only help with sound from that specific device? Or is the solution some kind of switch?

I know there is a large thread any many others on the same topic, but I couldnt seem to sort my issue.

Thanks in advance

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6 replies

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Assuming you're using HDMI to go to your TV - I would try a digital audio extractor. This device sits between the HDMI source and the TV. It then has TOSLINK outputs that you would then run to the Playbar. (This would let you use the Dolby Digital on the HDMI audio channel)

Something like this
I am using HDMI from the different components to my tv and optical from the tv to the playbar.

With the digital audio extractor you linked to, would that solve it for all components or just one?
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It would solve the issue for whatever HDMI device is connected to the extractor.

If you want to use it with multiple devices, then maybe an HDMI switch with audio extractor would be the way to go. Instead of hooking your devices to the TV, you would hook them to the inputs of the switch. Then you hook HDMI from switch to TV for video and optical from the switch to the Playbar for sound.

Here's a 3-in, 1-out HDMI switch with optical output:

Here's a 4-in 1-out HDMI switch with optical output:
Thank you MikeV, that seems like the way to go!

Going to try that and get back with an update
Hi again,

I ended up buying something similar at a local store:

Its in norwegian, but the technical specs should be easy to figure out.

I have connected the optical cable from the playbar to the switch, and one HDMI from the TV to the switch and the rest to my apple tv, playstation 4 and the Panasonic Blu-ray player. Now all devices only seem to output Stereo? I have tried changing different sound options both on the ps4 and apple tv without it making any difference.

So is it the settings, the switch or something with the way I have connected it? It doesnt say optical out on the switch itself as on the Monoprice one, but in the description it says analog and optical sound out
I changed the settings on the Apple TV which now gives me 5.1 when the source material offers it.

The ps4 on the other hand seems to be a problem, from reading other posts.. Before bying the switch i tried hooking the optical cable directly from the playbar to the ps4, which worked just fine.. Wont the ps4 support 5.1 trough hdmi to the switch?

I read some place that the switch might be the problem as it offers "better" audio solutions like 7.1, DD HD and so on. And that the ps4 wont offer 5.1 since it knows its less then what the switch and ps4 can offer and therefor wont downgrade to regular 5.1.