New TV with Sound Upscaling

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi All 

I have a Sonos Beam (Gen1) and a Sony TV. (But I don't run the full Sub and Surround sound configuration). I'm happy enough with this and Movies play back through it really well.

However most standard TV is transmitted as basic Stereo or Dolby 5.1 which is obviously has a much lower effect for general playback. 

Recently the Sony TV developed a fault and as it is still in warranty Sony will be replacing with an upgrade.

They will be replacing with the below upgrade.

One of the features is Sound upscaling which is all good stuff and will try and increase the sound quality from Stereo to 5.1 and so on and so on.

Im a little concerned however this benefit wont be passed to the soundbar and lost along the way does anyone have any experience with sound upscaling and the resulting output.

Again not looking for excellence just any improvement.. :)




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3 replies

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All the TV is doing is some fancy post feed processing to make it’s internal speakers sound acceptable.  The beam will get whatever the TV passes through, and I doubt it will be subject to any of the Sony “sound improvements”.  Take that as a good thing.


I added a couple of Ikea Symfonisk speakers to my Playbar set up and that made a big difference, even when the TV source is just stereo.


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I agree with @bockersjv. You can’t take a stereo (2.0) source and make it DD5.1. However, the reverse is possible assuming the TV has the ability to process the signal as PCM if it can’t accommodate DD5.1. 

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Well i guess i will just wait and see i suppose !

Sony think their chip can do some smart stuff so who am i to argue

Like i say watching a film that has a decent Dolby format is fine for all the crashes bangs and explosions (or its as good as i need it to be) .

Shame general viewing or all broadcasts are not in a like or similar format sometimes its like you can barely hear normal voices etc etc .