Multiple Sonos Subwoofers

  • 13 December 2016
  • 8 replies

Is it possible to connect more than one Sonos Subwoofer to a single Sonos surround system?

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8 replies

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No one subwoofer per zone.
Bummer. Room's too big for one sub. I'll need to go the reciever/preamp route. Thanks
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Are you sure the room is too big? The Sonos sub is very powerful.
Basically 10'x25'x30' HWD
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That's not that big. Single sub should do it.
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1 sub will be more than enough.
My room is around 25 ft square x 9' high and one sub handles it without breaking sweat - the sub level slider is set below halfway. To be honest I'd expect that in increasingly large room sizes, the power of the playbar would limit things before the SUB.

Also I assume that unless the screen size is colossal, the normal listening position won't be 25' from the screen, so it's probably not essential anyway to have perfect coverage to the very edges of the room.

As always, the best thing is to try it, bit I honestly wouldn't expect any problems at all.
Thanks to all for your input. I've done some research which confirms what you have all suggested, a single good quality sub would be appropriate. However I also had the opportunity to experience a Dolby Atmos demo and have decided to go that route for the Movie Room. I love the simplicity and flexibility of Sonos and will use it for the multi room audio system.

Thanks again!