Is Playbar compatible with a BenQ W1070 projector?

  • 12 April 2013
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I bought a BenQ projector ( and now need a sound system. The room is rectangular, ~ 18-feet by 12-feet. Directv and blu-ray at one end; projector nearly at the other, throwing the picture onto third wall. I'd like the sound to emanate from beneath the picture but i don't want to rip apart the ceilings/walls to hide wires. so wireless is appealing. Is the playbar right for this situation? can it work with a projector? can it work with a projector and DirecTV and a blu ray player? Do i also need a receiver? any advice much appreciated. 🙂

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7 replies

I have made a suggestion on the following thread:

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It's possible, just not recommended. The problem is less to do with the soundbar then it to do with what the projector can do.

For the projector in question, you could do it by putting in an HDMI to optical converter in between your video sources and the projector. Something like this might work.

Of course, you also then have the problem of getting an optical cable wired from the back of the room to the front of the room where the Playbar is...unless you want the sounding coming from the back or something like that.

If you want a projector for video and higher quality sound, there are probably lots of different ways you can do it. I don't know that Sonos makes the most sense, but it depends on what you want, how knowledgeable the installer, whether you're building out the walls, all sorts of scenarios.
So in short if I have my cinema room! NO TV there is no way to contect sonos playbar to a benq with only audio out ?
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shitty answer, shitty system
Hi, we're sorry you feel this way. Is there anything we can do to help?
shitty answer, shitty system
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"Prior to installing the SONOS PLAYBAR, make sure all external components, such as your cable box, DVD player, etc. are connected directly to your TV. If you have any existing home theater or surround sound equipment, disconnect it from your television." The issue with your described setup is the lack of a TV. The PLAYBAR setup requires the PLAYBAR works off the TV's optical output. The projector lacks the correct audio outputs needed. You had asked if the PLAYBAR would work with the Projector. The PLAYBAR was designed to work with a TV's optical out.. You would not be able to connect the Projector to the PLAYBAR directly, so this would not be a recommended setup. The link provided before covers the recommended setup for the PLAYBAR. Any other setup outside of the this recommended setup could work, it will not be recommended by SONOS, and if you experience performance issues you could be asked to use the recommended setup for the PLAYBAR. You would need to connect the components to the PLAYBAR's optical input. The components here would be the Direct TV box or the bluray.
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Hello Jeffo, The PLAYBAR was designed to be connected to a TV's optical out, with the components connected to the TV through HDMI. You could connect the components directly to the PLAYBAR through an optical cable but it is not a recommended setup. If there is any performance issues with that setup you could be asked to use the recommended setup. Please see the attached SONOS Answer that covers that recommended setup. Answer Title: PLAYBAR Requirements Answer Link: