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  • 3 December 2022
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Good morning. New to this forum.

I have purchased a Beam 2 and hooked it up to my Sony Xr55a90j 

Works fine but with HD terrestrial channels e.g. itv, c4 and bbc HD because the sound format is different to standard def the volume is quieter. For normal about 30 works for me but change to an HD channel and have to increase to 40 at least.

Is there any way round this?

Also is there any way to power save the beam off. Ideally would be nice to switch it off and on with the Sony remote



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The Beam can only output the sound levels it receives.  I have the same issue with my Sky Q box and I just need to adjust the volume accordingly.

With regard to power saving: The Beam will go into power saving mode after a min or two of inactivity.  You can turn it fully off, with a smart plug for instance, but there will be consequences:

1/ The mic will obviously not work;

2/ The device will not receive automatic updates during your inactive hours, as set in the app;

3/ There will be a delay when you switch the Beam on, whilst it boots;

4/ Turning the power on and off frequently will almost definitely shorten its life due to the heat stress of warming up and cooling down the electronics.

In short, the device is designed to be left on permanently.