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  • 6 April 2023
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Picked up a pair of 300’s last week to replace my Symfonisk bookshelfs as my surrounds. Before setting them up I spent the night at a friends house and just set them up as a stereo pair. Played some spatial audio from Apple Music and it was mind blowing how incredible they sounded. It filled an entire room as if there were speakers in every corner. It was like magic. It made listening music fun in a way I have never experienced outside of being at a concert. 

Fast forward to bringing them home and setting them up as my new rears to my Arc and Sub set up. They somehow sounded worse than the Symfonisks. And I did Trueplay multiple times just to be sure. I get that its a “different” approach to surrounds but after hearing what they’re capable of as a stereo pair I can’t, for the life of me, understand how a set of speakers costing the same as an Arc sound like this as surrounds. They also seem to have a choppy audio if you put your ears close to the speaker to hear what it’s really doing. Almost like a CD skipping but just cutting out sound completely instead of “skipping”. 

Please, Sonos, do something, anything, to fix this because I know the potential they have and they’re being so so so so underutilized currently. 

Returning them to Best Buy this weekend and holding out for (what I hope to be) firmware updates that unleash their true power. Please save your money and send Sonos the message that they need to do better. 

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1 reply

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The phrase “somehow sounded worse” does not help Sonos or anyone reading this to pinpoint a problem. Can you elaborate?