Dolby Digital Plus Stopped Working

  • 2 September 2023
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This AM, with no changes to my set-up for months. 

The TV sound stopped via ARC/HDMI to Beam.  I have read all the other sets/resets ect ect.  

I went into TV settings and changed Dolby Digital Plus to Dolby Digital or  PCM and the sound came back.

Is this now a fault with the beam as obviously the TV is sending a signal.  



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7 replies

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On the Dutch language forum a Sonos employee posted this answer to a question about a Samsung TV losing sound:

Google translate

”How long have you had this problem exactly? The day before yesterday an update seems to have been pushed from Samsung that causes this problem, something seems to be going wrong with the audio format “dolby digital plus”.

You could try changing your audio output in the Samsung TV to either Dolby Digital (without addition) or PCM and see if the same problem persists. This can be done by navigating in the TV settings to sound settings > expert settings > audio output format.”

Do you maybe own a Samsung TV?

I have the exact same issue with a Samsung tv. Happened today with no change of settings. PCM the only option?

Have you contacted Samsung to ask them?

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If you have a Beam (Gen 1), it doesn’t support Dolby Digital Plus audio. So you need to set the Digital Output Audio Format setting on the TV to Dolby Digital.

I had the same issue.  The only fix was to switch to PCM.  I couldn’t play sound through my Apple TV or Switch with Dolby digital plus selected on 2 of my Samsung tvs.  One uses an arc and the other a beam.  Same issue with no TV.   It would play sound from the built in apps on the Samsung tv with Dolby digital plus selected.  

Samsung sent out an update that ‘broke’ this. You should be calling their CS. 

Samsung support were not overly helpful tbh