DD 5.1 Passthrough problem

  • 1 May 2017
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Hi everyone I have lurked for a bit and now I have a problem. Be grateful for any help you folks can provide.

I have a typical problem but I can not figure out a solution. TV doesn't do DD 5.1 pass-through. But the bigger problem comes when I try and use a switch - like the one here: I get HDCP errors and the screen wont play content, i can hear the audio great though 🙂 and from what i understand the errors are related to my Panasonic Plasma being 60HZ?

I really want the 5.1, my buddy has the same system as me (soundbar, sub and 2 x play 3's) and his sounds so much better.

Here is a list of the equipment I currently use, i am open to all kinds of suggestions: 2012 Panasonic TV, apple TV 4, 2012 Panasonic Blu-ray, generic cable box. Out of those - only the apple tv doesn't have a optical out. The rest do. I also have a Marantz amp with tonnes of input/outputs in the basement i could use if needed.

I am not against buying a new TV if I have to but that would really be a waste as the resale on my current is minimal and I have no use for another two.

One thing I haven't tried yet is a optical audio splitter. I am going to order one just to give it a shot can anyone suggest?

any suggestions on the equipment i have in a way to set this up?

thanks very much

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1 reply

Hi seankiely, welcome to the Community. HDCP was an early attempt at limiting the types of high definition content that could be played on the latest TVs of the time. Your TV might sense that there's an HDMI splitter attached and is preventing the signal from traveling down that detour. Another thing to consider is that the switch you purchased doesn't have the capability to ignore HDCP requests.

There might be members on the Community who have practical experience with a workaround. If you don't get any additional responses to your post, search on "HDMI that ignores HDCP". If you get things working, we'd all be interested in knowing how you did it.