Connecting TV / Theater System to Sonos in other rooms

  • 5 February 2022
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Have TV setup with Denon AVR 3700 receiver which has Klipsch speakers also have Sonos setup though out rest of the house.  Want to be able to play sound from TV setup to Sonos.  Have a Sonos Port that is setup to play sound through Denon to Klipsch.  Essentially trying to do the opposite.  Play whatever receiver is pushing to Klipsch speakers to Sonos setup.  Do I use the line-in ports on Sonos Port?  Then which port on the back of Denon do I use.  Speaker ports on the bottom left in white are all used.  



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1 reply

PORT would normally be connected as a cassette deck, but this DENON does not offer a Tape output.

You might be able to use the Zone2 analog output, Unfortunately, some receivers will not convert a digital audio input, such as an HDMI connection, to analog audio. I don’t know the details for your model. If Zone2 is viable, set it for the TV input, use a convenient Zone2 Volume setting and connect PORT’s Line-In to the Zone2 analog output. Note that there will be a 75ms delay for Line-In. This will be a major issue if you attempt to use PORT’s output in the same room as the DENON driven speakers, but this is usually not an issue if the speakers are in a distant room that does not overlap with the TV room.