Beware new TV's audio settings - LG 65UG8700

  • 12 January 2016
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Just wanted to add to TV compatibility notes:

The LG 65UG8700 is a new 4k TV that you might assume would easily pass 5.1 from its optical port for the playbar. WRONG.
It works under certain circumstances sometimes, but the reality is that this TV came shipped with its audio set to prefer PCM.

To give you an idea of the amount of work involved:
- MUST have a harmony remote
- I had to load special LG model number on to my harmony remote
- This old LG model number gave me 3 new options for "service menu" - "in-start" - "in-stop"
- Once I had the harmony remote set, I had to locate a password (0413) for the service menu
- In the service menu I had to go option by option to find something familiar
- Finally under "Tool Option 7" I found PCM
- Change that to AC3
- Reboot the TV

Now the TV will prefer to pass AC3 when possible.

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2 replies

Hi cowley! Thc for the explanation! I have the exact same tv and I have problems with Netflix. I can't acces to 5.1 audio in any title... only 2.0.. In the menu of the tv, why did u select the Ac3 option and no the Dts or DtsHd option?? Thx! Christian
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Hi cowley, thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully it will be useful to other members that may have purchased the same model of TV.