Youtube Music only plays the song you ask for

  • 17 May 2019
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If I put on a specific song from Youtube Music on my Sonos One via my smartphone, that song plays, and afterwards it automatically generates a playlist, putting on similar songs to the one I put on. In other words, it will keep playing some kind of music to keep the party going, which is the expected behavior and what most other speakers will do. However, if I put on the same song using Google Assistant, it plays that song only and then stops. This isn’t good for keeping the party going, and it's completely contrary to what happens e.g. on Google Home. Will this be changed at some point?

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4 replies

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Unfortunately, it seems like Sonos is more interested in providing their own interpretation of what the Google Assistant experience should be on their products instead of what we see/expect on almost all other google assistant speakers, effectively eliminating several otherwise extremely useful features (ie voice match, grouping w/ other google home speakers, being able to control music playback through google home app, and this.) 

I too purchased my Sonos strictly because of the advertised Google Assistant integration, fully expecting the experience to be at least somewhat similar to my other Google Home devices. Unfortunately, that’s not what we’re getting & it doesn’t seem like Sonos is interested in changing that. I too might end up just returning the thing. It has way too many compromises for the asking price compared to other smart/voice assistant speakers. 


I have the same problem.

There’s two different behaviour :

  • (A) Play song you ask for then play other related songs
  • (B) Play only song you ask then stop.

Google Home products use natively (A) to play Youtube Music.

When I bought my Sonos One, which is Google Home and Youtube Music compatible, I want the same behaviour that native Google Home behaviour (A).

For me, be compatible is providing the same behaviour!


That’s the behaviour I want because when I want to listen music I don’t want to ask a new music at the end of each title. I want to enjoy music as a radio station without ads.

I understand other people prefer (B) because they ask for only one thing and they don’t bother to always ask for a new song.

But with (A) they have solution : they can, at the end of the song, ask “OK Google STOP” or “OK Google play This Other Song”.

With (B) I don’t have any solution


For me listen music is not listen only one title. And I don’t want to ask for an album or a radio whent I want to listen one particular song, it’s not a solution. I want to listen this song and then have music related.


The best would be to have an option to choose which behaviour you want and also to overide this behaviour by a vocal command : “Play only this song/album/playlist” for example. But by default I want my sonos to act as my google assistant.


I will return my Sonos because I can’t use it as I want.

Not anymore, at least not with Alexa and Spotify. It used to be that if I asked Alexa to play a song, she'd play the song I requested and then stop. But in the last few months, if I ask Alexa to play a song, she plays the song I ask for and then goes on to play other random crap I didn't ask for and don't want to hear. I wish I could get the old behavior back.

I haven't been able to test with Google Assistant, because the Google/Spotify integration has not been working for me at all.
FYI, this is also the way that it works with Alexa. A request to play a single song will only play that song. Personally, I prefer it this way. I usually just want to play that song, and then will play a completely different song that's not related to the first. With my family, we'll often take turns on who requests the next song. It wouldn't be the end of the world if a the speakers kept playing after the requested song completes though.

When I do want to start playing several songs in a wrong, I'll request a particular artist, genre, playlist, or specifically request from Pandora.