Trigger Google Assistant to play music (on NAS or uploaded on free YouTube Music) on Sonos

  • 19 March 2023
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PROBLEM: When I ask to Google Assistant to play some song uploaded on my free YouTube Music account or on my local NAS it can’t.

STEP by STEP action:

I have only one Google Account on my Android Device.

First of all I set up Google Assistant to control Sonos throught my Google Account (on my Android Device).

Then I connected my free YouTubeMusic account to Sonos App and I set YouTube Music as my preferred service on my Android Device.

Then I uploaded some songs on my YoutubeMusic account. If I ask “Ok Google play porcelain of Moby on Sonos” it reply “Ok I’ll play porcelain of Moby from YoutubeMusic on Sonos…. I’m sorry the content is not available on Sonos”.

I also tried to remove the YoutubeMusic Account from the Sonos App then I uploaded some songs on my NAS and paired Sonos App with NAS (I can see it on my Music Library on Sonos App). So I asked “Ok Google play porcelain of Moby on Sonos” then Google assistant reply “Ok I’ll play porcelain of Moby from YouTubeMusic on Sonos… I’m sorry I can’t go further If you don’t setup your account on this provider”. Why? I would like to listen porcelain that resides on my NAS!

So the problems are twice:

  1. I can’t use Google Assistant to play uploaded songs (on free YouTube Music)
  2. I can’t use Google Assistant to play songs on my local NAS.

Anyway, If I use Sonos App with its browser I can play songs from my free YouTubeMusic account or NAS. In other words I can only play them if I use the app instead of voice.

P.S. I further set up TuneIn with Sonos, Google Assistant works well when I ask to play some favorite radios on Sonos. 

May I’m wrong with somethings?


Same issue as described before in other topics




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Hi @music1980,

I’ve had a look at the threads and, while they are similar, they each are targeting different issues.

From what I can find on our end and discussing with our engineers, you aren’t able to initiate playback of your own music uploaded to YouTube Music or through your Music Library with Google Assistant. You are able to initiate playback through the Sonos App as as your speakers have access and know the location of these files.

Google Assistant will initiate playback from music services after communicating with the music services server or cloud where the music is held. As your songs are local files or files uploaded to your YouTube Music account, Google Assistant on Sonos does not have access to these. This may be possible with first party Google equipment, such as a Google Home or Nest, but isn’t with Sonos.

While you can’t initiate playback with these music sources, you can control the playback with Google Assistant, such as pausing, skipping, or increasing volume.

I hope this information helps!