Sorry, there was a glitch. Please try again later!

  • 9 December 2022
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Recently (in the last 2 months) the Sonos speakers throughout the house chime out of the blue with “Sorry, there was a glitch. Please try again later!”. This happens even when the speakers are not in use … like in the middle of the night! It seems the frequency of this is increasing.


I experienced this issue on both Sonos Play:1 soundbar as well as Sonos S2 speakers.


I searched online and noticed lots of people experience this, but there’s no conclusion.


I tried removing music services, ensuring everything is up to date, even rebooting the speakers … nothing seems to help! 


Please help! The chimes in the middle of the night are very disturbing.


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4 replies

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Do you use Google Assistant on your Sonos speakers? Do you have a Google Nest Hub or any Google speakers?

If using Google Assistant with Sonos, remove Google Assistant from all of your Sonos speakers and re-add it. I would reboot your router too.

If you have a Google Nest Hub or Google speakers, unplug them from power for a couple of minutes and reboot your router.

Thanks for your reply Maestro. I don’t have Google Assistant.


The S2 speakers have Alexa. But note, even the Play:1 bar has this behaviour … and this does not have Alexa on it.


Rebooting the router, you mean the wifi router? I can try, but I don’t see what the router has to do with the speakers. Wifi connectivity throughout the house is ok.

All of your network connections, including the Sonos speakers, get an IP address from a system running on your router. If the router gets in a ‘bad’ state and ends up handing the same address to two different devices, those two devices ‘fight’ for connection. This tends to be exposed more often for Sonos devices due to the fact that every time they update, they request a new address from the router. That could possibly be the cause on your PLAY:1.

Frequently, when I give this type of advice, I include having the Sonos unplugged from power as well, so both the router and Sonos have fresh reloads of the software they’re running. 

I’ve had a couple instances of Alexa doing this that I attributed to Alexa misinterpreting some room audio. Also, I had recently added a new SONOS device that may not have been fully integrated into Alexa at that point. I dismissed them as one-off events.

Since your events are more common, I suggest that you submit a diagnostic within about 10 minutes of an event, log the confirmation number, then contact Support. Support will be able to determine which player initiated this event. If there is some sort of communication issue, this will leave tracks in the diagnostic.

Refrain from Factory reset without further consult.