Sonos One + Google Assistant + Youtube Music causes bugs in the EU

  • 17 May 2019
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My Sonos One is registered to my address in the U.S., but I brought it with me to Europe. Google Assistant works fine most of the time and can be used to put on songs from Youtube Music. However, occasionally, Google Assistant puts on a version of the song that seems to be inaccessible in the EU region.

For instance, if I ask it to play Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" or "Bad Blood", it says, e.g., "Okay, putting on Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space'". However, the song is then immediately paused before it even starts playing, and a window is shown, saying that "Playback paused because this account is being used in another location". However, this is wrong; my account is not being used elsewhere, and most other songs work fine.

On closer inspection, I realized that the version of Blank Space it puts on is called "Blank Space – Taylor Swift ⋅ 1989 (Deluxe Edition)". No song with exactly that title shows up when I search through Youtube Music manually (in the EU); the version of Blank Space I can access is not called anything with Deluxe Edition, and it plays just fine on my Sonos if I put it on via my smartphone. This is what makes me think that there is some regional restriction on the songs and that Sonos for some reason automatically loads a version from the US region by default rather than the local EU region. I think this has to be a bug.

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1 reply

The Google / Sonos integration is currently only live in the US. I realize you've gotten it to work based on your US registration, but I seriously doubt that this is a configuration that Sonos is going to troubleshoot in support. Once the integration is supported in your location, I would not be surprised if you'll be expected to change your registration to make your location once it is available where you are.