SiriusXM Via Google Assistant

  • 29 July 2022
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I just added Google Assistant to my Sonos and try to play SirusXM through it.  The speaker says SiriusXM isn’t supported on this device.

I can play SiriusXM on my Sonos through the Sonos app, but it refuses to play when I say “Hey Google play channel 23 from SiriusXM”…. it’ll say “Alright, playing Grateful Dead from SiriusXM… Sorry, it looks like SiriusXM isn’t currently supported on the music room”

Some Google searching has yielded links to this Sonos Community forums where there is a staff member named “James L.” says the following

SiriusXM is not available via Google Assistant on Sonos as a supported service at this time. I don’t believe there would be a sufficient workaround to avoid this limitation.

I can certainly pass on the comments that you’d like to see this service be a part of Google Assistant to our teams for consideration.


It would be great if this information was published so I wouldn’t waste time trying to get something to work which is not supported.  A matrix would be good.  Tell me that SiriusXM works through Sonos App but DOES NOT WORK through Google Assistant on Sonos devices.

I just spent 50 minutes on the phone with Sonos support.  I referenced the forum posting by “James L.”.  He contacted his technical supervisor and assured me that it should work.  He had me unlink SiriusXM from my Google Home app.  Then I had to remove SiriusXM from my Sonos app.  Then I added them back, and of course it didn’t magically start working.

Then he told me I had to call Google and work it out with them.  He gave me two numbers, one of which was for Google Maps, they both just go to some voicemail where they say they accept feedback but do not return calls.

I then called into support again where I get a different person who tells me that in fact this is something that is not supported.  He said he had some comparison of which services are supported from which voice assistants.  I asked if it was public or if he could send it to me.  He said he would but I haven’t yet received it.

If this support matrix exists IT SHOULD BE PUBLIC.  It is misleading for Sonos to publicly say they support Sirius XM ( and Google but not disclose that they do not work together at all.  You only find this out after spending thousands of dollars on equipment and call into their support.

2 replies

I've had the same problem.  I have Alexa on my Sonos speaker and Sirius works fine.  I tried switching it to Google and everything worked but Sirius.  So I went back to Alexa on that device.

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I do agree with you that a publishing a support matrix would be a good idea. I do not agree with you that the fact Sonos does not mention that a music service does not work with GA constitutes “misleading”. Especially since this looks like a hurdle on the Google side of things - SiriusXM does seem to work with Google gear.

You disappointment does show the importance of preparation before buying. When a feature is important, do not just assume it’ll work. As you say, a google search would have been al you needed to see this problem.