Google Assistant on Sonos One (Gen1) unable to respond when being used as a surround pair.

  • 6 June 2019
  • 7 replies

Hi! So with the recent integration of the Google Assistant onto the Sonos platform I decided to pick up a pair of Sonos Ones (Gen1) to connect with my current Playbar. From everything I've read when being used as a surround pair one of the surround speakers will act as the hub for the voice assistant being used. I've been successful at linking my Ones with Google, and when they are on their own in a stereo pair the Google Assistant works as expected. However, whenever I connect them with my Playbar as a surround pair the Google Assistant becomes unusable. Any query or command results in a long pause followed by a response from the assistant stating that something went wrong or a glitch happened and to try again in a few seconds.

Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

I have a few Google Home Minis that I can use to still have access to the Google Assistant but I'd much rather use the capabilities of the Sonos One.

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7 replies

I have the exact same problem. Please advise!!!!!
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incorrect info given. Sorry
Alexa works when speaker is used as surround, so I would have expected Google Assistant to do the ssme. Doesn't necesarily follow, of course.
Ccorrect. But it is, only with Google not with Alexa. Please advise if someone is having a solution for this problem
Somebody knows the solution to this problem?
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If you’re getting no response from here on the user community, perhaps take it up directly with Sonos Customer Support?

Did you get any luck from customer support?  I have just set mine up as surround but have lost the Google Assistant support on both speakers