google assistant not showing after changing country

  • 25 November 2022
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Hello guys,

I tring to make google assistant work on my parents system (on there tv beam gen1 + 2 one sl)

We live in Israel but I changed yesterday my account which link to the system to the US and tried with UK also but nothing showing up on the app.

Can't add on sonos app, on google home i can link my sonos account.

I wanted to purchase the beam 2 for myself but the assistant is make ot or brake it for me.

Any idea why after a day it doesn't shows up?


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5 replies

Ok so re-registering the products worked

Have the same problem after switching to Sonos beam 2, what do you mean by re-registering the products, how do you do that?

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Is the Beam on your Sonos account or your parents’ account? Also make sure you change the country under your Sonos profile on the main Sonos website.

Thanks for the reply

It's under my account (they to old to know how to setup).

I changed the country only on the website under is there other place that need to be changed?

Is it possible it's du to they set as surroundes?