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  • 7 September 2021
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I had my Roam for just under 4 months when it just stopped working and wouldn’t turn on. I contacted customer support by phone on 25th August. After taking me through a few troubleshooting steps, they concluded that the Roam was faulty and that it should be replace. They sent me an email asking for details of the serial number etc, which I replied to immediately. I then received an email informing me that:

You will receive another email from us soon, with instructions for you to confirm your information and complete the return authorization.

The email never arrived so on the 31st August  I contacted Sonos again, this time via chat. The missing email was resent, it contained my return authorization number and a link asking me to confirm the type of exchange I wanted. I didn’t want to pay for another Roam, so chose to return the faulty Roam first, then have a new one dispatched. I was informed that:

To ensure a successful delivery, our logistics partner will be contacting you via email with a prepaid shipping label within 1 business day.

The email with the prepaid returns label never arrived, I’ve since contacted Sonos numerous times. It’s been a week now and I’ve still not recieved my prepaid shipping label.

Can someone look into it and send me the return label?

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4 replies

The vast majority of folks in this forum are not Sonos employees. You may get faster “service” if you were to call in to them, and speak directly to someone, rather than waiting for a forum moderator to come by. 

I agree with Bruce it’s best to make contact with Sonos direct, but also check your RMA email has not got filtered out into your spam folder too.. just in case.


Hi Airgetlam and Ken_Griffiths, thank you for your replies.

I contacted Sonos CS by phone numerous times, last phone call to them was yesterday. They said they’d contact the returns department and get back to me by email with an update. That was 26 hours ago and no update yet.

I’ve been checking my spam folder daily, but nothing in there either. 

I’ve seen similar posts on here that appear to have been resolved by someone from sonos, I’m getting to the point where I’m willing to try anything now to get this resolved. I just want a returns label so I can return my faulty sonos Roam, it shouldn’t be this difficult.

But I will also continue to call sonos CS everyday until this is resolved,

Thanks again for your help.


@Vonny - did you ever get your label? I’m having the same issue and they keep telling me it’s with the Returns department. I was promised it would be with me 3 days ago, then 2 days, then yesterday, then today. Sonos chat support is useless.