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Today just out off the blue music stopped playing and since then neither me nor my wife can access our yousee music account through sonos. It keeps saying that I cannot browse the music. Yousee music app works fine though. I removed my sonos account from the app and put it back. I removed my yousee account from there and when trying to add it back it said the yousee server doesn't recognise my login information and I should contact yousee. I changed my yousee login in their own app and it works fine as before. I tried to add it again to sonos with the new password and it still says it cannot be recognised and I should contact yousee. I'm in doubt there's anything wrong at yousee, since my password works fine in their own music app. It's also extremely strange that both mine and my wife's accounts stopped working on sonos at the same time. Can you help?


BR Petr


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Hi @Pefler77, welcome to the community! I really appreciate all the details and efforts. Just to let you know that YouSee Musik experienced a service outage earlier. The outage has been resolved and full functionality restored. You can always check the status of all the music services to Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with. We’re always here to help. 

Hi Krishma, 


Thank you for the info. The service started suddenly working again.


Beat regards, 


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Today Saturday december 5. 2020 I experienced exactly same problem.

YouSee claims, that it is not their fault.

Best regards

Poul Erik


Same problem with telmore music 


Youse  suddenly not working with sonos this evening dec 5, 2020 at 19:30 local time. login not recognised. Login on yousee music website works fine.

Is this a Sonos problem again ?


Same here Not possible to login from SONOS & server not recognized towards Yousee music service, when trying to remove account & reapply. Startet between 18:00 20:00 cet



Suddenly came back now…. login succes

Since yesterday evening I could not search in YouSee. I tried to delete Yousee app, now the Sonos cannot find the Yousee app??

what to do now?

I have the same problem with YouSee Music. My account has been certified by YouSee, but still connecting to YouSee Music through the Sonos app is impossible the last few days.

Who has the solution?

All of a sudden I can add YouSee Music to Sonos

I am still not able to get the Yousee app through Sonos - any suggestions what to do?

Try unplugging all Sonos speakers from power, then reboot the router. When the router comes back up, plug back in the speakers.


Hi Bruce,

i tried your advice but unfortunately the Sonos system cannot find the YouSee Service.

Does anyone has another suggestion what to do?

I found the reason for the error:

After the latest Sonos app update, my country code was changed to France. When changed back to Denmark - this app is only valid for use in Denmark - the Yousee app was visible again through the Sonos Services.

strange though, that the country was changed by the latest app-update, as it has been working for years.

above will also be valid for other country specific services.