USB music library on Asus wireless router.

  • 7 November 2020
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I've got an ASUS RT-AC68U wireless router and am really struggling connecting to a music library on a USB.

On my old router, I just plugged the USB in the back and entered the appropriate path when defining the music library location in Sonos and it all worked fine.

With the new router, I can't figure out how to connect Sonos to the USB stick plugged into the back. The router's USB config utility gives me an option to setup a UPnP media server, which I've done (because I've read that Sonos is UPnP-compliant), but I don't know if that's the right thing to do. I still have no idea what the path is to the USB stick, or how to access it. I've downloaded and read the relevant section of the router manual, but I'm still stuck. 

The ASUS range of wireless routers is pretty common, so I'm hoping someone can help me sort out what should be a really simple problem.


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2 replies


Thanks for this; this was indeed a key to the solution. For others who have the same problem, here are the other steps that were required. (They might seem obvious to people more familiar with networking stuff, but it wasn’t obvious to me.)

(For Windows users.)… Go to this page: and follow the instructions to enable the Samba client SMBv1.

In the ASUS router admin tool, use the USB Application | Network Place (Samba) option (or equivalent, such as the version in ninjabob’s screenshot above) and record the "Device Name".

(For Windows users.)… Once this is set up, go to the Network section of File Explorer and enter "\\" followed by [DeviceName] in the address bar and hit return. This should open the USB in File Explorer. You can then navigate down to the relevant music library folder(s). This provides the path name(s) to be entered in the Sonos desktop application’s Sonos Music Library Settings, using the “Another folder or a drive connected to my computer” option.


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Set it up as Samba SMB1