TuneIn working with some station and not others

  • 13 January 2024
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Hi ! 

Have an issue since beginning of Jear 2024

TuneIn on Sonos is not working with one station : BFM Business

TuneIn on Sonos is working with another station : ABC Lounge Jazz

TuneIn on internet on TuneIn site is working with BFM Business station

Identical behavior on all my Sonos (16) 

Same with Sonos Radio for BFM Business (probably going through TuneIn for that station)

message : BFM Business n est plus disponible sur sonos : BFM Business is not avaible on Sonos anymore 

already uninstalled TuneIn and reinstalled TuneIn

use a lot of Alexa, controller 2 and IPhone app to control

ideas to fix it ? 

Diagnostic number 1714214360

(4 Sonos are out of the 16 at this moment because outside and not using them in winter period) 





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7 replies

Since this is a Sonos Community Forum, we won’t have access to the data in your diagnostic. You probably should call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

I completely understand this but I assume or hope there are Sonos employees reading and following the community forums 


i have the same issue

were you able to solve it?





Dis you solved this issue, please?

I absolutely need to listen this radio : bfm business for my job.

you re a pain for me if you can’t.

Best Regards

i have the same issue None of my favourite radio stations now work through TuneIN( New) or the old.


i either get a error saying is can contact the server is i am in the wrong region 

I have noticed Sonos has removed with which may have something todo with it. 


The new tunein app its utter pile of **** 

It feels like TuneIn is trying to control what we are listening to. Get rid 

use something like 

or do your own without tunein 


Airplay is a optional work around as long as you dont want to use your phone for phone calls

TuneIn is just one of many aggregators of radio stations, all of them fighting for exclusive content. If you can’t find your desired radio station on TuneIn, try one of the others, or try setting up an internet radio station based on the information in that FAQ. 

Note, to my knowledge, Sonos doesn’t own any part of TuneIn, nor does TuneIn own any part of Sonos, they’re just marketing partners.