system won't update even after following repair procedure

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DX: 962911074

System won’t update, is sluggish, won’t play most songs on my saved lists and lags alot. I’m using S1 app as I have mixed system play 5’s first gen, play 3’s and some second gen play 5, 1 sound bar,,,

I recently unplugged my boost from the wifi hub and it’s hard to do anything with the system reliably, I plugged the play 1 in to see if it just needed to be conected, but no luck,,,, this is frustrating

I rebooted my whole internet system, whole sonos system


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It may be that the reboot process needs to be done in a specific order.

Try unplugging all Sonos devices from power, then reboot your router. When the router comes back up, wait a minute before plugging in whichever Sonos device you have wired to your router, either the BOOST or a speaker. Give that five minutes to boot up and generate the SonosNet signal, and finally plug in the rest of your Sonos devices. Wait another couple of minutes for them all to boot up, and reconnect before testing. 

FWIW, since you have a BOOST, I’d recommend continuing to use it. It’s only the BRIDGE device which is known to have a suspect power supply. 

And make sure you’re on the latest version of S1, once you can see everything in the controller. 


Thanks Bruce,

I’ll try that as it makes more sense, also waiting on the dx

I feel the boost has something to do with it, plugging a speaker into the main wifi doesn’t change anything, but I noticed the system didn’t work properly after I unplugged the boost because I don’t need it.  My house is 2500sqf not huge at all, I have orbi and 4 satellites,,, we’ll die from wifi cancer before this gets fixed lol

I can’t do anything now without the update, this is frustrating


I rebooted everything, modem, wifi, speakers. nada

I’m not sure how Orbi works, but if they’re splitting up each section as a different subnet, that will certainly be a potential problem. Keep either the BOOST wired to the root node of the Orbi, or one of the  speakers. Do not wire anything to a satellite Orbi device. 

You’re  unlikely to see any response from a Sonos Forum moderator until after the weekend, it would likely be much faster if you were to call Sonos Support directly to discuss it. There are many more phone folks who have the responsibility to respond to CS issues, whereas there are very few forum moderators, and their first responsibility is weeding through posts, and not, as near as I can tell, being a Customer Support agent. That being said, when they have time to do so, they are excellent at it. 


1101 is the update error

I’m assuming you’ve read the error codes FAQ?


yup and followed them as well, unsupported stuff as well.

Thanks again Bruce


Called in and currently working with the techs now,,,,


Fixed with the help of a call back Tech! awesome, back on track, thanks Sonos!

Might be helpful for others who may experience the same issue if you were to explain what was done to fix the issue. I know I’m always open to learning something new, too.